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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

What is the abdominal aesthetic operation?

Changes may occur in the abdominal area due to excessive weight gain and loss, previous deliveries, and pregnancy. These changes can be seen as; impairment in the function of the abdominal muscles, the formation of fissures in the skin, wrinkling and sagging and formation of fat deposits. The operations are directed to correct these changes. If there is abnormal fat deposition only in the abdominal area, the solution is a liposuction operation. If there are hanging and fissures in the skin in addition to the fat deposition, the solution is the dermolipectomy operation (removing the hanging and fissured skin together with the fat tissue). If the function of the abdominal muscles is also impaired in addition to the fissures, hanging, and excessive fat deposition, then the treatment method chosen is the abdominal lift operation + liposuction. If there are no problems in the skin except the loosening of the abdominal muscles, then the endoscopic abdominal lift operation will be sufficient. The surgeon should help the patient to choose the operation type considering the problems of the patient.

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