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What does it mean body contouring operations?

Body contouring – body shaping – consists of the operations of liposhaping, bodyshaping, liposculpturing, liposuction, lipofilling, etc., which can together be called as lipoplasty. In fact, although different names exist, these procedures are not completely different from each other, instead they are combined operations performed to correct the body contours.

 What is liposuction?

It is the procedure of removing the fat cells under the skin with the help of a vacuum and providing weight loss while creating an aesthetic appearance. At the same time, if cellulite exists, this unwanted appearance can also be corrected with the cellulite cannulas.

 Is regional fat deposition different in men and women?

Fat deposition occurs in leg, buttock, the lower part of the abdomen, and waist area (pear type) in women, and in the abdomen and upper part of the waist (apple type) in men. Especially in men, fat deposition can be seen around the internal organs, that’s why only removing the fat tissue under the skin by liposuction is not enough without adding diet regulation and exercises in men.

 Are there any different types of liposuction techniques?

In the traditional dry type liposuction, excessive injury in the tissues and excessive blood loss occurs, healing lasts longer, and evident bruises in the skin occur. In the wet, super wet, and tumescent techniques used nowadays, because a solution containing some drugs are applied to the operation area, complications like bruising, blood loss, etc. which may disturb the health and postoperative comfort of the patient are minimal compared to the dry method. As application methods, there are different techniques as; ultrasound – aided liposuction, liposuction with an empowered cannula, laser – aided liposuction (in the trial phase), and chemical liposuction (in the trial phase).

 Is liposuction performed only on overweight patients?

In contrary to common sense, most of these operations are performed on non-overweight patients, because even a small amount of fat deposition manifests itself as an ugly protrusion. The main aim of these operations is to shape the body. The patient naturally loses weight as the fat tissue is removed while achieving this aesthetic appearance. With these operations, the patient can be made 1-2 sizes thinner.

 What kind of problems are treated with liposuction?

The main goal is to restore the symmetry and harmony in the body and to provide an aesthetic appearance. For this; flat and wide hips can be made narrower, more erect and protruded, and legs and buttock area can be corrected and legs can be shown as longer than it actually is. With the interventions directed to the knee area, the bow-like appearance of the legs can be corrected. Excess tissue in the abdominal area can be removed to obtain a flat abdomen. In the women without a waist groove, as the breast-waist-hip ratio is corrupted, the body goes downward in a straight way; a waist groove can be generated in these persons and a beautiful waist appearance can be obtained. In this way, the body can carry the clothes totally wrapping the body or exposing the navel, and the trousers with low waist. Excessive fat tissue running over the bra on the back area can be removed and a beautiful back is obtained. With the liposuction applied to the chin and neck area, the neck can be shown as younger and longer. Excessive tissue in the jaw area can be removed.

 Will there be any depressions or wave-like appearances in the skin after liposuction?

First of all, the skin type of the patient, the drugs she uses, her chronic diseases, etc. should be determined thoroughly and whether she would benefit from liposuction or not should be decided. If it is thought that will benefit and the result will be good, then the liposuction is performed gently and carefully. If the patient fulfills the suggestions of the surgeon also after the operation, these kinds of unwanted effects will not occur (if waviness and depressions occur after every liposuction operation, would the technique be so much popular all around the world?). Operations like liposuction manifest all the characteristics of the operation, and all effort and work were done during the operation without masking. That’s why the aesthetic surgeon works like a sculptor and presents all his aesthetic visions and skills.

 Is liposuction done under general anesthesia?

The operation is done under a type of anesthesia called sedoanalgesia, without making the patient sleep, unless the patient particularly wants general anesthesia.

 How many days after the liposuction can the patient return back to her daily activities?

If combined operations or major interventions which can corrupt the hemodynamics of the patient is not in question, 3-4 hours of resting following the operation will be sufficient. The next day, the patient can perform basic actions like walking. She can go back to her social and business life after 48 hours.

 Will the body contours be corrupted if weight gain occurs after liposuction?

Maybe the greatest success of liposuction is that it has long-term results. While the fat deposition in the body is more prominent in some areas before the liposuction, as liposuction decreases the fat receptors together with fat cells, the distribution of the fat in the case of gaining weight will be more evenly distributed all through the body. Thus, the ratio between the body parts will not change, and an ugly weight gain (directly the widening of the hips, etc.) will not occur.

 What is cellulite?

The fat tissue under the skin is divided into small chambers like a honeycomb by the connective tissue called septae. The increase in this fat tissue will push the connective tissue septae around it and the skin. When the septae pull the skin inwards where they are attached to, and push the other skin parts, a rough appearance is formed in the skin, which is called cellulite.

 Can cellulite be treated?

It can be treated by tearing and breaking the firm, membrane-like structures called as septae. With the cellulite cannulas which resemble liposuction cannulas but have different tips, these septae can be removed. This procedure is applied just like liposuction, but it causes prominent bruising for approximately a week after the operation, which is different from the liposuction. Other than this, there is a technique called endodermology which aims to treat using the vacuum without surgery. Different opinions exist about whether this method is effective on cellulitis or not. While some authors advocate that it has no significant effect on cellulitis, some say that it has even minimal effects, but it needs repetitive application.

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