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Lip Aesthetic

Lip Aesthetic

What is lip aesthetic (lip augmentation – reduction)?

In the appearance of the lips, the shape of the chin, the nose, and the teeth have important roles. Other than the location of the lips, the length of the lip, the width of the upper and lower lips, and how much the teeth are exposed when smiling are importantly related to the planning of the operation. Lower lip should be plumper than the upper lip and the gingivae should not be seen when smiling. Lips should be behind the line drawn from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin. Fulsome lips extending in front of this line will not have an aesthetic appearance. Besides, with aging, the upper lip elongates and loosens, lips get narrower, angles of the lips lower, the distance between the nose and the upper lip increases, and vertical wrinkles appear. These aging signs may be prevented by lip lift. The lip is restored to its previous location and shortened.

 What can be done in the lip aesthetic operations?

After the appropriate diagnosis of the problem, lip lifting, lip filling, lip enlargement, reconstruction of the distance between the lip and the nose, emphasizing the thinned lip, reconstruction of the angles of the lips, and reconstruction of the lower – upper lip ratios can all be made surgically. Most of these operations can be performed intraorally and filling
materials can be used to make the lips look voluminous.

 Is general anesthesia necessary for lip aesthetic operations?

If the patient does not want general anesthesia, local anesthesia is enough; anyway most of these surgical operations have a short duration. Application of the filling materials last 1 – 2 minutes and generally does not even need local anesthesia.

 What are the filling materials that can be used in lip aesthetic?

Lip lines can be reshaped with the substances like collagen and hyaluronic acid, or the fat, dermis, fascia etc. tissues obtained from the patient’s own body can be used for this purpose.

 Which filling materials are preferred in lip aesthetic?

Every filling material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Lip reshaping with collagen or hyaluronic acid is a 1-2 minute procedure. Their effect appears right after the application but not permanent. The tissues obtained from the patient herself is 30-80% permanent depending on the tissue to be applied. After the declaration of the advantages and disadvantages of the procedures, which technique and tissue to be used will be decided by the doctor and patient together. After the operation, the patient should not meet a lip shape that she will not like.

 Is liquid silicone used in lip aesthetic?

As silicone is not absorbed by the body, it is permanent, but it is not preferred because of the long-term complications. Liquid silicone injections are forbidden in America.

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