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Leg Reshaping

Leg Reshaping

When is leg prosthesis, that is “calf implant” operation performed?

Some women don’t even wear skirts as they don’t like the shape of their legs. If there exists a width difference between the areas under and above the knee, width or shape difference between the two legs, or the legs are bow-shaped, then these problems can be solved by calf implant operations. The same problems can also be solved by liposuction, but in some cases, liposuction and calf implant operation are combined to obtain better results. The operation lasts approximately one hour.

  For whom Calf Implant is recommended?

Calf augmentation through calf implants surgery is recommended for a wide range of individuals, including bodybuilders, patients who suffered trauma or injury to their lower legs or simply patients dissatisfied with the look of their calves.

 How Thigh  Lifting is Performed?

Thigh lift surgery or thigh plasty is recommended for patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight either through bariatric surgery or exercise. These patients are usually left with a large amount of saggy tissue around the thighs area. Some patients may have sagging skin around the thighs even without any weight loss, it can simply be due to genetics.

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