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Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

What are the characteristics of a healthy skin?

The skin with small pores, without wrinkles, and which is smooth, stainless and vivid appearing is the healthy skin. Structure of the skin is completely personal. Some skin types tend to age later, and some earlier.

  If the skin has aged, or if it looks unhealthy, what can be done related to this problem?

There are a few types of wrinkles on our skin with different mechanisms of formation; for example, the dynamic wrinkles which form when we use our mimics and the ones caused by skin folds around the mouth or sagging skin because of the gravity are entirely different. There is not a method that can treat all types of wrinkles, so every treatment method which will be applied to each wrinkle will be different. Generally, treatment options consist of; laser applications, botox, dermabrasion (mechanical peeling), peeling (chemical peeling), microdermabrasion, filling (soft tissue fillings), and filing procedures with the patient’s own tissues, alone or in combination with each other.

  How can laser application treat skin wrinkles?

A laser can be used to treat wrinkles, pimple marks (acne scars), and skin stains. There are different types of laser. While some are appropriate for fine wrinkles, some can improve skin stains, and some are used for epilation. All need additional sessions. After the application of some laser types, the possibility of leaving a stain on skin exists (around 5%), especially in dark-skinned patients.

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