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Genital Aesthetic Surgery

Genital Aesthetic Surgery

Genital Aesthetic Surgery


Age, deliveries (especially when the episiotomy is applied) and sexual activity may cause deformities in the vaginal region. Sometimes this deformity may cause distress not only due to its appearance but also due to sexual unsatisfaction and loss of desire.

 Vaginal Narrowing

It is especially done to increase sexual satisfaction. It is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. It lasts approximately 30 minutes.


With the help of the operations performed to labium majus (greater lips of the vagina) and labium minuses (smaller lips of the vagina), long or asymmetrical labium are corrected and a younger and more vivid appearance is obtained. Removing the excessive fat in the mons pubis (hairy region over the vagina) will also make the vagina look more aesthetic and vivid.


Operations performed on the clitoris can not only correct the appearance of the clitoris but also facilitates sexual satisfaction.


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