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Forehead Lifting

Forehead Lifting

What is the aim in forehead lift operation? 

It is performed to eliminate the horizontal wrinkles between the eyebrows and the hairline and the vertical wrinkles between the two eyebrows and to lift the loose eyebrows and bring them to their anatomical position. With this operation, the wrinkles at the sides of the eyes called as goose feet are also treated.

 Where are the scars of forehead lift hidden? 

In the classical techniques, as the scars are 5 – 6 cm behind the hairline and inside the scalp, they are not visible (---). There are many techniques, for example; this operation can be performed endoscopically, and this method leaves a smaller scar compared to other methods (---). Besides, the forehead lift operation can be performed through the line that the scalp and forehead unite (---), but in this case, it is more difficult to hide the scars. Every technique has some advantages and disadvantages related to the scar it leaves, the rate that it changes the forehead width, and the permanence it warrants. The technique is chosen according to the facial construction and expectations of the patient.

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