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Face Lifting

Face Lifting

What are facelift and neck lift (rhytidectomy)? 

Facelift operations are performed directed to the loosening of the cheeks and wrinkles of the skin of the face related to aging. If needed, operations like brow lift, eyelid aesthetic, and neck lift may be performed simultaneously. There are a few kinds of facelift operations, the incisions of these have the same locations, but the anatomical plans to be dealt with are different. The technique to be chosen is determined according to the patient’s expectations. 

 Where are the scars hidden in the facelift? 

Skin incisions of the facelift operations are made in the scalp, behind the ear, and on the union line of the cheek and the ear, and so the scars are hidden. Neck lift operation can be performed simultaneously without an additional incision. Thus, the loosening and the wrinkles on the nack are also managed. Besides, if there is a loosening under the chin and a jowl, this problem is also eliminated and a vivid face and neck are obtained. 

 Can liposuction be added to the facelift operations? 

In aesthetic surgery, it is a principle to generate solutions directed to the patient’s problems. For example, in the neck lift operations, while muscle repair and skin tightening are being made, liposuction may be performed to the area under the chin and the fat collections causing loosening and jowl can be eliminated. Every patient’s face has its own problems, that’s why diagnosing the problems is as important as the operation itself. In some cases, the loosenings in the face and neck may be eliminated by the only liposuction. Sometimes, tissue injections may be enough to make the face look younger and more vivid. Even the successful moves towards wrong targets will not have any meaning. After the facelift operations, the person gains the appearance of approximately 10 years younger.

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