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Eyebrow Lifting

Eyebrow Lifting

What is a brow lift operation? 

Structure of the eyebrows differs according to sex. They are more convex in women and more straight in men. Eyebrows have a harmony with the eyes and the nose according to some ratios and angles. Low eyebrows related to genetics or aging give the person an unhappy and tired appearance. Restoring the eyebrows to their original shapes and angles render the person a more dynamic appearance and makes them look more vivid and impressive by highlighting the eyes.

 How is brow lift operation performed? 

As in the classical forehead lift operation, it can be performed through an incision made in the scalp just over the eyebrow, or on the upper eyelid. Permanence of these operations, the presence of a scar, the success of obtaining the requested eyebrow shape, and the anesthesia type depends on the technique to be used. The selection of the technique depends on the needs and expectations of the patient, any simultaneous operation to be performed, and the experience of the surgeon in these techniques (eyelid aesthetic, facelift, forehead lift, etc.). Brow lift operations made through the eyelid and upper part of the eyebrow cause almost no scar compared to the classical operations, but their permanence is relatively shorter. 

  Will any scars remain in the eyelid aesthetic? 

We can say that almost no scars will remain in the eyelid aesthetic because the skin of the eyelid is very thin. The sutures are removed in the 3rd day, and the scar decreases as 90% in a week, only a slight pink mark remains. In a while, this discoloration disappears. If the operation is performed through the inner surface of the eyelid, there won’t be any scars.

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