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Chin and Cheek Aesthetic

Chin and Cheek Aesthetic

Chin and Cheek Aesthetic

Can the depression of cheek area be corrected?

In the face, forehead, nose, chin, and cheekbones have a harmony among each other. Cheekbone may appear depressed congenitally, due to aging, or due to a sudden decrease in weight. This tired, uncared and older look can be corrected by tissue injections or synthetic face implants. In this way, a more attractive and younger face is obtained. There are no visible scars in these operations. The operation lasts 40-50 minutes.

 What is chin aesthetic (mentoplasty – chin augmentation)

When doing an operation is aesthetic surgery, first, it is important to know what the normal appearance is. In the procedures directed to the chin, first, it should be determined that the chin is whether big/small or protruded/retruded. As a simple method to understand; an imaginary line passing through the lips should also pass through the tip of the chin in men, but the chin of the women should be 2-3 mm behind this line. Besides, measurements related to the length of the face are helpful in determining whether the chin is long or short. The face is divided into three regions horizontally; hairline – eyebrow, eyebrow – nose tip, nose tip – chin tip. The distance between the nose tip and the chin tip is also divided into three; nose tip to upper lip should be 1/3, and lower lip to chin tip should be 2/3 of this distance. Besides, the angle between the chin and the neck should be around 90 degrees. Another thing to be determined is the relation between the upper and lower chins and the contact of the teeth. The purpose is to restore these ratios. To decide what to do is the most important parameter to affect the result, and it is directly related to the aesthetic vision of the surgeon.

 Is it going to be a scar in chin aesthetic?

In chin aesthetic, as the surgical interventions are generally made through the oral cavity, there won’t be any scars on the visible areas. Synthetic materials, as well as the patient’s own tissues, can be used to augment small chins. In the wide and/or protruded chins, procedures directed to the bone are essential.

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