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Buttock Aesthetics

Buttock Aesthetics

Can buttock protheses be used to make the shape of the buttocks better?

The shape of the buttocks can be made more beautiful and erect by liposuction, and they can be made more feminine, more vivid, and more protruded by the help of buttock prostheses, that is “gluteal implants”. In some patients, there will be better results when liposuction and gluteal implant operations are combined. Besides, buttocks can also be shaped by buttock lift operation, which is a classical method; but, in the buttock lift operation, there remains an evident scar which is hidden inside the underwear, that’s why liposuction and gluteal implants are preferred to the buttock lift operation (except severe deformations) nowadays.


Fat Injection to the Buttock area is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon proceeds to create a few small incisions in the area. Through these incisions, a special solution is inserted into the area where the fat is extracted from – the solution will reduce bruising, trauma, bleeding and break up fat deposits and facilitate the fat extraction process. A hollow tube is then used through the incisions to extract the fat, either by using a syringe and a cannula or through the surgical vacuum. The retrieved fat is then re-inserted into the buttocks area, in order to achieve the look desired by the patient. Once the procedure is over, the area is covered with elastic bandages or compression garments. The surgery usually lasts 1-2 hours and the whole process, including pre-operatory and post-operatory checkups, lasts just 4 days.

For whom Brazilian Buttlift surgery is recommended?

Brazilian butt lift surgery is recommended for individuals dissatisfied with the size or shape of buttocks. This type of procedure usually improves the size of the buttocks area but also the curvature, as the surgeon can inject the harvested fat in a precise manner, leading to a more aesthetically pleasing result.

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