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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

What should the ideal measure and shape of a breast be in order to look beautiful?

It will be wrong to consider the breast tissue apart from the other parts of the body. It should be evaluated together with height, weight, and width of the hips and shoulders. Even if the breasts are perfect in shape and size, it will not look beautiful if it is not in harmony with other parts of the body. For example, when a clothing wrapping the waist and hips are worn, it should neither be loose nor tight over the breasts. Breasts shouldn’t need any supports when decollete clothes or swimwear are worn. In this way, the person will feel happy, comfortable, and beautiful. This will be reflected in the people around her as self-esteem, which is very important at first glance. It is not possible to describe the shape of the breast mathematically, but the breast looking as a cone when looked from the front side, the breast which does not extend beyond the fold under it, the breast having a vivid appearance, and the breast looking as drop-shaped when looked from the sides are defined as aesthetic and beautiful breasts. That’s why, in the breast surgeries, the plastic surgeon should use not only his knowledge and experience, but also his imagination, vision, and artistic aspect as a sculptor.

 Do reduction mammoplasty operations affect lactation and breast sensation?

In these operations, the glands producing milk and the canals transferring milk to the nipple will certainly be affected, but the degree of this effect and whether it will be permanent or not is directly related with the technique chosen. Similarly, the degree of the involvement in the sensation of the nipple will change related to the technique. In some reduction mammoplasty operations, nipple sensation is completely lost, and in the others, it does not change at all.

 Are reduction mammoplasty operations performed for aesthetic purposes only?

Breast reduction operations are performed not only for aesthetic purposes but also for health. If the big breasts affect the mental health of the person or make her anti-social, or cause back and neck pain, rash and fungal infections under the breasts, breathing problems while lying down, getting tired easily, then these operations are needed to get rid of these distresses.

 Do breast reduction operations performed for aesthetic purposes have a relation with breast cancer?

Studies show that in women having breast reduction operation, the risk for cancer development decreases 40% compared to the women not having breast reduction operation.

 Is breast reduction performed on men?

Breast enlargement can be seen in men due to some drugs and some diseases. Sometimes, breasts may enlarge in men using hormones (for example, for bodybuilding). Beyond these, there may be completely physiologic breast enlargement in the infancy and puberty. The breast enlargement in men is called as gynecomastia. In the gynecomastia operation, the overdeveloped breast tissue is removed. Liposuction can also be added to the operation. Gynecomastia operations are satisfying operations with natural results without a scarring problem.

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